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Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease conference (CTAD)

Oct 24 - Oct 27, 2023

Additional details of the company's presentations and posters at CTAD may be found at www.cogrx.com/ctad-2023.


Title: A Pilot Electroencephalography (EEG) Study to Evaluate the Effect of CT1812 Treatment on Synaptic Activity in Subjects with Mild to Moderate Alzheimer's Disease (LP024)
Authors: De Haan W, Caggiano AO, Scheltens P, Grundman M, Scheijbeler E, Hamby ME, Vijverberg E
Title: Proteomic Analysis of Plasma in a Phase 2 Clinical Trial in Alzheimer’s Patients to Identify Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers of the S2R Modulator CT1812 (P075)
Authors: Lizama B, Cho E, Duong D, Pandey K, Williams C, Caggiano AO, Seyfried N, Di Caro V, Hamby ME
Title: Proteomic Analysis in a Phase 2 Clinical Trial Studying CT1812 to Identify CSF and Plasma Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers and Molecular Correlates of EEG in Alzheimer’s Patients (LP057)
Authors: Di Caro V, Pandey K, Lizama B, Cho E, Duong D, De Haan W, Grundman M, Seyfried N, Caggiano AO, Vijverberg E, Hamby ME
Title: CT1812 START Study Design: Anti-Aβ Monoclonal Antibodies as Background Therapy (LB18)
Authors: van Dyck CH, Raman R, Donohue MC, Rissman RA, Rafii MS, Hamby ME, Grundman M, Caggiano AO, Aisen PS
Session: Friday, October 27


Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA
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